Company Background

TLCC Global Limited was set up by its Managing Director, Chris Howard, as one of a number of initiatives aimed at helping companies improve all aspects of customer management. His first company, CJH Associates, was created in 1993, to help organisations identify and target the most profitable customers through the capture, analysis and usage of customer demographic and transactional data.

We operate through a network of 100 business and IT specialists. On the business side, we work, in particular, with a number of customer management professionals, from sales and sales management personnel, to call centre and marketing specialists. Our IT expertise ranges from general management, through project management to technical consultancy. Our technology experience encompasses all the major hardware platforms, from such vendors as Compaq, IBM, ICL and NCR, and the leading database companies, e.g. IBM, Informix, Microsoft and Oracle.

TLCC Global Limited has been established with a number of key partner relationships. Its primary partner is Care Business Solutions and TLCC Global Limited is an authorised reseller of the Care software product. This is a fully-functional, modular software product which covers all the traditional areas of CRM, namely sales, marketing and customer service, and many more. These include corporate event management, financial and asset management, fundraising and charity management, subscription and membership management.